National Security Cluster

NSC redefines anti-drone tech for today's dynamic threats

  • NSC's takes pride in robust collaborations with key Indian government agencies, such as Indian Space Research Organization/Department of Space, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the Indian Navy. Through these partnerships, we've become trailblazers in designing, developing, and supplying mission-critical subsystems and systems for satellite programs, RF and microwave technology products, electronics warfare, power supplies, and RF and microwave-related solutions.
  • Cutting-Edge Anti-Drone Systems: One of our standout achievements is the successful demonstration of our Anti-Drone systems to all three branches of the Indian Armed Forces. These systems are tailored to safeguard critical infrastructure and national security, providing ultimate protection against rogue drones. Utilizing state-of-the-art radio frequency amplifiers, they can neutralize drones up to several kilometers away while jamming communication channels and GPS to prevent intrusions.
  • Versatile and Future-Proof: Our Anti-Drone system is versatile, designed to be both omnidirectional and directional, offering complete protection against various threats. It's built on Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, allowing for easy upgrades to counter evolving drone signatures and ensuring long-term effectiveness.

    SecuDome Architecture

  • Drone Forensics: NSC also actively leads in the emerging field of drone forensics. Leveraging cutting-edge digital forensic techniques and technologies, we investigate and prevent drone-related incidents, including unauthorized flights over sensitive areas. Our expertise enables us to collect and analyze crucial digital evidence from drones, providing insights into their behavior and the identification of their operators.

    Drone Jammer & Detector

  • Amidst the dynamic challenges of an ever-evolving threat landscape, NSC stands unwavering in its dedication to forging groundbreaking security solutions.
  • Our mission: safeguarding critical infrastructure, ensuring public well-being, and fostering resilience in the cybersecurity realm. Come, be part of our journey to fortify our digital future together.